Stuttering Cures

Stuttering often called stammering is a speech disorder that produces abnormal behavior in the muscles of the lips, tongue, vocal chords and jaw producing repetitive words and prolonged sounds. This will affect communication with other people which results in affecting the person’s quality of life such as embarrassing moments and lack of confidence. This will be evident in all through out the person’s daily activities when talking in front of other people whereas when the person is singing, stuttering is lessened temporarily.

Usually, when a child is starting to speak, it is normal to repeat the words, but when the child does it in repetitive ways and prolongs the sound, he is showing signs of stuttering and this is evident when the child repeats the word more than two times. On cases where adults are concerned, one needs to get the attention of a doctor immediately. It may be caused by a head injury or results from mild stroke.

Treatments on stuttering are very easy however cure is almost impossible. As a rule, make it a point to think first of the words you want to say before even opening your mouth. However, there is a notion that people who stutter are smart persons because his mind has all the thoughts he wants to say which results in blocked or jumbled words.  Speech therapist will recommend the speaker to slow down in talking but it will help if you control your mind from thinking too far ahead and learn to visualize the word before you even utter it.

We can not just ignore stuttering and let time heals stuttering. You are lucky then if you are one of the lucky ones who overcome it, when there are treatments for stuttering that we can do.

  • Since lack of oxygen is one of the major causes of stuttering, breathing exercise and some yoga positions will lessen the stress level and offers additional oxygen to your body.
  • Herbal remedies are said to cure stuttering. Make a mixture of ¼ teaspoon palm candy and coriander seeds with at least 4 leaves of dried Gotu Kola two to three times a day until stuttering is completely gone.
  •  The market offers energy medicine kits which helps lessen stuttering in a person.  This is available in GSR or galvanic skin response complete with a booklet, CD and DVD for instructions.
  • Speech therapy clinics use hypnosis in their lessons in treating stuttering problems. Hypnosis is said to lessen the factors that cause stuttering by boasting the person’s self confidence and other schemes that affect the person’s behavior.

Parents who have a child who begin to show signs of stuttering should seek the help of a speech therapist instead of a doctor. The best time for parents to bring the child to a speech therapist is when the child is showing signs of stuttering. Since stuttering disappears on its own time, both children and adult who have speech impediments need the help of people around them.  This will make the coping up easier for them.

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