Shuttering Therapy Activities

Stuttering is noticed on a child starting from 1 ½ to 11 years of age but usually it occurs when the child is two to six years old. This is diagnosed by speech specialist when the child speaks in repetitive and prolonged manner. When the person is diagnosed with stuttering, it would be a lot easier if he undergoes speech therapy as early as possible. This will ensure that the person will quickly recover from stuttering.

Why the need for speech therapy?  Communication is the effective way in conveying what is on our mind. This is the only method in which one will understand us much better in a clear and audible way. A person who stutters will find it difficult in communicating with others and often times a cause for embarrassment. Persons with speech impediments should be involved in speech therapy activities in order to be cured and live a normal life.

To correct stuttering, speech therapists performs different speech therapy activities:

  • Those with fluency disorder or stuttering will undergo articulation therapy which requires sound productions and exercises that are made to correct the sound and syllables of words. This involves in the correct movement of the tongue.
  • In the language intervention activities, the speech therapist will make interactions with the child through playing and talking.  This will involve activities that will stimulate the child’s language development by using books, pictures and objects.  The child will undergo repetitive language exercises and the correct pronunciation of words to have good foundation in language and speech skills.
  • Oral motor and feeding therapy involves verbal exercises, tongue, lip and jaw exercises and facial massage that will make the muscles of the mouth stronger. The child needs to learn and be aware of the different texture and temperature of the food he eats. The speech therapist performs special activities for the child’s oral awareness when he is eating and swallowing.

When the person who stutter is a bit older, aside from the above mentioned speech therapy activities, it also involves exercises such as reading and speaking out load. The person is taught the right way of breathing when talking, giving attention to the periods and commas. This is done in repetition until the person is focused on what he is reading.

A lot of breathing exercises are involved because the people who stutter mostly are out of breath when talking. This will entail breathing into the belly and not into the chest, and then the person will start reading in a soft manner, then reading it out again.  Persons who have done this kind of activity are completely healed after a year of continuous exercise.

Aside from the speech therapy activities, one way to get rid of stuttering for adults is to accept that he has stuttering problem. Some are afraid or ashamed to accept that they have speech disorder.  As long as they do not accept that they have stuttering problem, any method of prevention from stuttering will be far. A person who accepts that he has stuttering problem and involves himself in stuttering therapy activities will likely have more confidence in the way they communicate with others.

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