Speech Stuttering

Stuttering speech is a kind of disorder related to the speaking ability and in case of stuttering speech; persons prolong the words or even repeat same phrases and words as they are stuck and something is creating hampers to continue delivering speech. It can be, in other and simple words, said that stuttering speech mean [...]

How to Not Stutter

People in the different aspects and fields were able to raise this question but mostly it occurs after they were able to observe this kind of problem or difficulty from someone. There are also a lot of people who try to find and answer for the question being raised but still the kind of answers [...]

How to Overcome Stuttering

Isaac Newton, George Washington, Joseph Priestly, Marilyn Monroe – ever given a thought what these people had in common? All these suffered from stuttering disorder. Alalia syllabaris, more commonly known as stammering or stuttering, is a disorder in speech wherein there is a disruption in the continuity of speech. Unlike what the general perception is, [...]

Preschool Stuttering

It has been very common for the parents to adapt the approach of “wait and see” when their preschool child starts to stutter. Family members, speech therapists and even the pediatricians often satisfy the parents by them “it’s just a simple phase that every child faces and he will outgrow it”. A lot of children [...]

How to Overcome Stuttering

People nowadays find it hard to control things that surround them and even deep inside of them. One factor that controls them all is the lack of the eagerness and the willingness to change. Changing and controlling involves a lot of efforts especially in applying discipline to ones self. This applies the same to and [...]

How to not stutter?

Some people say that their tongues are unable to talk at the speed at which their brain is thinking; causing them to stutter. Others say that it is because being in front of so many people makes them nervous. Some say that they tend to stammer when they are feeling strong emotions like when angry [...]

Methods for the treatment of Stuttering

Listed below are some of the common methods of stuttering treatment. Fluency shaping therapy: This therapy is also called “speak more fluently” which helps in speaking fluently by keeping control over the breathing. Stutterers are made to reduce their rate of speaking by stretching the consonants and vowels, and with the help of other fluency [...]

Stuttering Medication

Whenever one observed someone or somebody that stutters, one would certainly ask if it is a sickness. If it is a sickness, is there a cure or medication that can be applied to that? Was the result positive and acknowledge by the medical society? Was it established and accepted by those who are experiencing as [...]

How to get rid of Stuttering

It really sounds awful having problem in the shape of disability or disorder that you can not hide while interacting with people you daily face. It also sounds not good enough that we frequently find such problems in our society for instance, stuttering is one of such disability that directly links with your speaking and [...]

Introduction to Stuttering In Children

Growing children are attracted towards many problems and they are most likely to be attracted by the germs and bacteria, due to their soft and sensitive skins that can not struggle as much as adults’ skin can provide protection. However, this is not only the case that is normally faced by growing children but there [...]

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