Cure for Stuttering

When a person stutters, the words, sounds and syllables are disrupted during the normal flow of speech. Words are often repeated and prolonged when said and sometimes accompanied by abnormal behaviors such as tremors of the lips and blinking of the eyes.

There are a lot of treatments for stuttering but at present there is no known cure for stuttering but the approach in the treatment varies depending on the age of the person and other factors. It is advisable if you ask the help of speech therapist, they are the ones who can tell what the best treatment applicable for your child is.

A child or adult who stutters may undergo stuttering therapy.  The speech therapist focuses on the various methods to lessen the stuttering when the person speaks.  They are taught the correct method of speaking by regulating the breathing and speaking slowly at the start then gradually the single words uttered will increase to phrases up to more complicated sentences. Aside from corrections made in their manner of speaking, they are also taught on how to gain confidence by getting rid of their anxieties and worries when faced with speaking circumstances.

At present, there is no known drug that can stop a person from stuttering. Medical practitioners however, use other medications such as those used in anxiety, epilepsy and depression in their treatment for stuttering.  On the other hand, the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders conducted studies attesting that drug therapy is not an effective tool in treating stuttering.

Electronic devices are used by those who stutter in controlling fluency. This looks like a hearing aid wherein the device is fitted in the ear canal. This is a digital device that replays the words uttered by the person wearing the device but in a slightly different version.  The person will hear sounds as if he is speaking simultaneously with another person. This method was proven to be effective when used only at such a short time but if a person can use this when faced in the real world is the question that remains unanswered. These uncertainties brought the ongoing studies on how the electronic device will have a long term effect.

Self help group gives moral support to people with stuttering problem. Reports were made that people who overcome stuttering get supports from therapy and self study made within the self help group. During speech therapy, the speech therapist encouraged the parents to take part in the therapy programs of their children. Children with the proper support from the parents are said to recover quickly. Recovering process with people who are stuttering takes some time with a lot of effort from the person himself therefore all the needed support is important from the family is important. Patience and understanding of the child’s predicament is important.

The more support a person gets from those around him; everything will come easy for the person who stutters. This speech disorder sometimes disappears in its own time but there are various ways on how to control stuttering and how to deal with it so that life will be easier for the person.

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