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A Complete Guide for Anti-Stuttering Medications

What is stuttering? Stuttering is characterized by disruptions in the production of speech sounds and is treated with various stuttering medications. It affects the fluency of speech and for some this can occur occasionally like while talking on phone, or talking in front of large groups. Stuttered speech often includes repetitions of words or some [...]

Stuttering tips

Stuttering tips

Most of us when there is something wrong that we observe may it be on our own self of from other people, we usually just have it taken for granted and we use as an excuse that it was all just part of growing up, but not in the case of stuttering. Once there is [...]

Stuttering Cures

Stuttering is a disorder of the speaking language. A person cannot speak perfectly or continuously if he or she is facing the stuttering problem. Repeating worlds frequently, syllabus and sounds, and getting stuck in the speaking a sentence are some main and common sighs of the stuttering. According to the stuttering foundation about three million [...]

How to Overcome Stuttering

Isaac Newton, George Washington, Joseph Priestly, Marilyn Monroe – ever given a thought what these people had in common? All these suffered from stuttering disorder. Alalia syllabaris, more commonly known as stammering or stuttering, is a disorder in speech wherein there is a disruption in the continuity of speech. Unlike what the general perception is, [...]

How to not stutter?

Some people say that their tongues are unable to talk at the speed at which their brain is thinking; causing them to stutter. Others say that it is because being in front of so many people makes them nervous. Some say that they tend to stammer when they are feeling strong emotions like when angry [...]

How to get rid of Stuttering

It really sounds awful having problem in the shape of disability or disorder that you can not hide while interacting with people you daily face. It also sounds not good enough that we frequently find such problems in our society for instance, stuttering is one of such disability that directly links with your speaking and [...]

How can I stop stuttering- Hints and considerations to battle stuttering

Stuttering is a type of speech disorder, not a language disorder. Stuttering is characterized by involuntary interruptions of the speech which is then followed by muscle tension in different areas of the face and neck. This can create fear and stress to those who have it. Keep reading to find out interesting aspects. You will [...]

Stuttering Treatment

Stuttering is a disorder of the speaking correct works or sentences. This is a very common problem and mostly in the very young age the child can be the victim of this problem due to many reasons. The stuttering is not only the problem of children but it is also a big problem for some [...]

Stuttering Cures

Stuttering often called stammering is a speech disorder that produces abnormal behavior in the muscles of the lips, tongue, vocal chords and jaw producing repetitive words and prolonged sounds. This will affect communication with other people which results in affecting the person’s quality of life such as embarrassing moments and lack of confidence. This will be [...]

Stop Stuttering

Stuttering which is also called stammering is a speech disorder wherein the person has broken and repetitious speech, stopping in between words or words are prolonged. Usually stuttering starts at an early age, it could be from 2 to 6 years old but the good news is stuttering disappears at a certain period in their [...]

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