A Complete Guide for Anti-Stuttering Medications

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is characterized by disruptions in the production of speech sounds and is treated with various stuttering medications. It affects the fluency of speech and for some this can occur occasionally like while talking on phone, or talking in front of large groups. Stuttered speech often includes repetitions of words or some parts of words, as well as prolongations of speech sounds.

What causes stuttering?

Scientists suspect various reasons for this. Sometimes it may be due to genetic reasons also. Moreover the most common reason is due to developmental stage problems. When a child’s speech and language abilities are unable to meet his or her verbal demands stuttering occurs. Stuttering happens when the child finds it difficult to search for the correct word and this is corrected with age too.

What treatments are available for stuttering?

Most of the treatments available for stuttering are psychological or behavioural too. People learn to say words slowly and in a less physically tense manner.

Above this there are some stuttering medications used for curing stuttering as described below:

  • Dopamine Antagonist Medications

Some of the psychiatrist sometimes would like to incorporate dopamine antagonists which help in reducing stutter for all. However, these medications have side effects. Moreover how these drugs affect for long term is also not very clear. In some patients, placebo can also help to decrease stuttering.

  • Haldol

Haldoperidol or haldol is the first medication used to reduce stuttering but it has severe side effects.

  • Risperdal

The new medications direct effect is on the dopamine receptors and hence is more effective. Risperidol reduces stuttering by almost about 50%. Some side-effects are seen. And this medication is more effective when there is lower stress.

  • Zyprexa

Zyprexa drug is commonly used and it may reduce stuttering on average 33%. Side effects may include sometimes the permanent damage to the frontal lobe, weight increase and sometimes drowsiness.

Other Medications and Drugs

  • Ritalin

This medication is sometimes used to reduce stuttering, but it is contraindicated for children

  • Botulinum Toxin

Botox has been used to resolve the stuttering issues by injecting it in the mouth folds of the patient, this toxin paralyzes the mouth folds to some extent and hence there are no hard blockages. Also talking loudly is restricted. Thus this reduces stuttering.

  • Tranquilizers

Doctors often are found prescribing tranquilizers on the pretext that nervousness will disappear and hence will stuttering. But mostly tranquilizers affect the severity of stuttering and not the frequency.

  • Alcohol

It is said to reduce the stutterer’s fears and anxieties and hence reduces stuttering in some cases. But as alcohol is said to reduce one’s ability to use therapy techniques, so it may increase stuttering.


Stuttering is a common problem and can be cured easily at any stage. Moreover individuals who stutter have become successful even in the careers that require public speaking.  Many such names can be stated like Winston Churchill, also the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, actor Bruce Willis. Hence the stuttering medications are many and one should not fear of stuttering.

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